realizing the potenSOTES Logotial within ourselves

Society of the Evening Star

realizing the potential within ourselves

Society of the Evening Star

Seeking to bridge the gap between various belief systems through the knowledge that we all share a common goal - to invest in tomorrow by making a better world today.

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our commitment

S.O.T.E.S. has no ethical or racial bias – it is, and will remain, our ambition to manifest a cultural organization open to individuals who embrace the sameness in many cultures and religions. We educate others in this universal sense of ethics through music, art, philosophy, dance, diverse belief systems and time-honored traditions.

Society of the evening star

The Mission

Our Mission

In order to forge a better understanding of the universal language of spirituality and to break down the barriers between religions, the mission of the Society of the Evening Star is to provide an educational facility, library, housing and outdoor green space for elder leaders of world faiths and minority religions to practice, to teach and to mentor students who are searching for spiritual answers. S.O.T.E.S. firmly believes that such teaching will assist in realizing the potential within us, will manifest a better life for all within the community and will help remove many of the obstacles that prevent the enjoyment of a fuller and richer life.

What we believe...

We believe that the Universal Code of Ethics is based on wisdom, love and trust of one's self and one's neighbor and is expressed in all religious texts and teachings.

S.O.T.E.S. seeks to bridge the gap between various belief systems through the knowledge that we all share a common goal - to invest in tomorrow by making a better world today.

Who we are...

The Society of the Evening Star was founded in 1977, incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit organization based in Rhode Island. S.O.T.E.S. became a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization in 1991, and all donations are tax deductible.


Special Events

Join us for our special events geared towards growing connections and benefiting the community at large.

Witches' Night Out Market - Winter Witchery

December 6, 2019

Presenting the second >Witches' Night Out Market in Rhode Island to benefit S.O.T.E.S! We searched high and low to find a new home for our event that provided ample space, more amenities, more accessibility, food options, easy parking, and great atmosphere. We're pleased to announce that the beautiful Waterfire Arts Center will be the home for our next event!

The theme for this event is Winter Witchery - to honor the Winter Solstice and to focus on illuminating the darkness with the power of wisdom, fellowship, and good cheer.


Quick Details:

Friday, December 6th, 2019
Theme: Winter Witchery
Location: WaterFire Arts Center, 475 Valley St, Providence, RI 02908

We look forward to seeing you this event!

Thank You!

Your donation supports the important programs offered by S.O.T.E.S.

Our long standing vision to continually create, support and educate has been supported by the volunteers who staff S.O.T.E.S. and by generous donations. Your tax deductible donation can be made via PayPal or mail:

Your tax decductable donations can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 29182
Providence, RI 02909

Making a difference while shopping

Did you know that your purchases at Amazon can benefit S.O.T.E.S. Follow the link below to begin to use AmazonSmile to support our efforts.

Select Society of the Evening Star from Amazon Smile's list of charitable organizations or update your charity to SOTES from Amazon Smile's Your Account page



Affecting continued change through outreach and ongoing education.

We firmly believe that cross-cultural education and learning can only assist in realizing the potential within us.



S.O.T.E.S. sponsors lectures and classes on culture and world traditions. Our past schedule of events included, but was not limited to: Cabala (Jewish Mysticism), animal rehabilitation, meditation, Native American traditions and beliefs, the cycles of nature, Celtic knot drawing, mask making, herbalism and more.



Hygeia is a healing circle whose participants are dedicated to studying and practicing the Healing Arts. Hygeia provides a place for people of different faiths to gather with the common goal of alleviating some of the pain and suffering. Methods may vary, but include herbalism, meditation, massage, chanting and prayer, to name a few.


compassion relief

We truly believe that all sentient beings deserve respect and compassion. S.O.T.E.S. reaches out to the community to provide relief for some of our fellow creatures. Raising funds through various means including direct solicitation, as well as partnering with other philanthropic organizations.


Acts of Kindness

S.O.T.E.S. partners with A.O.K. (Acts of Kindness) in raising money for and collecting clothing and food for the homeless, support of no-kill animal shelters, visiting the elderly and offsetting funeral expenses for those who cannot afford them.



S.O.T.E.S. stocks a library of culturally diverse and educational materials.

Educational program

We offer workshops throughout the year. Please check back with us frequently. This page will be periodically updated.

We firmly believe that cross-cultural education and learning can only assist in realizing the potential within us.

We would love to hear from you

Whether your interest is to take advantage of one of our programs, guest lecture, donate or assist with our Compassion Relief, we certainly would love to hear from you!

Contact us at if you have any further questions

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Realizing the potential within ourselves.

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